buns with mum !

Two days, left two days at this peaceful land. I received my results for this semester and gladly, I passed all even though the results sucks like hell to me. I hate the fact that I had the first "c" for mathematics. WTF. I am gone useless. whatever it is, I don't have to retake anything at least. So, thank God that I passed my maths cause the moment I stepped out from the exam hall after taking maths exam the other day, I was having the thought " wtf wtf, what if I failed my maths ??! T_T " constantly during this holiday. Okay, so I did not but I did terribly. put the blame on myself. I should have practise more.......


Tonight, my mum planned to make buns~ weeee~ and I helped her of course~

Let the pictures do the takings....cause I feel so sleepy now......

the fat fat and out of shape are my creations. hahaha.

the leftover dough are used to make doughnuts and shitnuts! hahahha. try to spot the shit shape within the doughnuts. 

oh! here it is ! :))) 

second time my mum appeared in my blog. haha. oh yeah~ she was spreading eggy onto the surface of the doughs.

shitnuts on the doughnuts ! hahahhaa~ 

I helped my mum to spread the sugars~ :))

oh, looking not so pretty though. taste? I don't know cause I brushed my teeth already and it's late night. I don't want to get fat :S I think it is nice cause, I ate before lol.
kk, that's all. bye. nights !

what you think of the quality of the photos ? 5 stars right ? OH YEAH <3 p="p">


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