Hari Pelanggan & Talk about Astronomy


I have pictures today!:DD

Ke Le was writting the BM oral for us. We went to the Pustaka earlier and do our oral thingy. Rajin nya~~
Say cheese! Haha.. I was too bored and wanted to try my new camera:S Haha.. The talk was interesting though.. It was all about astronomy. I also met my cousin there. She was going to the camp at Borneo. I didn't:( I think she is gazing at the stars now. The fun part was when Mr.Lim said "Oh, shit!" and the crowd bursted into laughs. Actually it was like this, a girl from nowhere asked one question about the black hole thingy if I'm not mistaken and the guy was like oh shit. Hahah.. I don't really know how to describe it to make you laugh.
The Chinese astronomer;Mr. Lim Choon Kiat. He said if we see a star next(left) and above the moon tonight, that one is Jupiter if i'm not not not wrong lah. I can't remember well. Sorry. Also, on 13 or 14 Disember we might see meteors? If I'm not mistaken. I repeat this a lot. LOL. I also saw Hafreez and his girl friend; Helena I think. She's pretty:D

Started my day today with a sleep. I woke up and went to school because it was "Hari Pelanggan". It is a day where parents hear complains and speeches from class teacher about their sons and daughters respectively. Anyway, I went to the school with my mum and my brother. It was windy and going-to-rain day. My mum took shortcut to reach into the school. Lol. I was carrying an umbrella which made me look like ahmu. Kevin was starring at me weirdly. Like I care~ Hahah..

As you can observe from the picture up there, I got an increament in AM! Lol, that was a lot of bonus mark and it makes me get 71. Not really satisfied. PJK was stupid mark. Useless.
I didn't dare to take the picture at the noticeboard where Top 50 is there. People will stare and look at me like a sakai. I got 5th for Top 50 and Kele got 2nd. Grats! Almost beat Wallace la. Gambateh! Lol. 3rd is Pamela which is not fair. I don't want to talk about that nymore. 4th is Tan Woan Shin from 4s3. It seems not really fair la. 4s3 don't take Biology, Chemistry and Physics. That three subjects always make my head spins. If you don't "goyang" your brain during that three subjects, definitely 9G especially Chemistry. Lama-kelamaan makin susah lah!

Heheh,, I'm addicted to SS501 leader; Hyun Joong!

*Sorry yah for the little pictures I have


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