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farewell greatgrandmother :(


yay! rainie yang!!

4 things that I have not try yet

twilight breaking dawn

music box and DIY painting !!

break-ing dawn

lovely song

it's late night

a sketch

hi, I'm overstressed !

oh well.


I want to watch....

my dad goes travelling again...

Oh gosh.

Today,I can't wake up early in the morning...

missing ..


life is the greatest treasure

Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I come !

Ms Cominica giveaway contest !

too much laundry !

Maii's Giveaway !

what would you feel

I took a rest.

my teacher sends me email

Ms VyVy blog giveaway !

the exam month

halloween ?

yay , all done!

I have three different colour of hair bands