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Introducting Rottie! :D

"!#@$##$%$, keep the dogs away from me!". My friend released her dog from the cage and the dog was pretty excited with the presence of peoples in the house.

It was the old me. I couldn't regard with myself how could I be so scared of dogs. HAHAHA

Exactly two months ago, I carried home a stray from an NGO. Couldn't believe we did it. We were searching for a big dog but the price was too expensive for us and both of us have no experience in taking care of puppies.

In the car, we named him Rottie. This name comes into the mind when we were finding a big dog like a Rottweiler. He is a black dog. Looks like a Rottweiler, so it goes, Rott-i-e. HAHAHAHA eventually Rottie tranforms into Roti bakar, Roti telur  by our friends -.-!!

Anyway, he is still Rottie. :P

Upon these two months, he grew up a lot. Definitely! From his round face into longer and sharper chin. Taking care of a puppy is not easy as abc. other than feeding him, you have to endure puppy bites! Initially it wa…

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