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Dedicating to BoiBoi, my first Belgian Shepherd

“BoiBoi! Come here,!” 
There he came up running to me with his long and lean legs alongside with his brindle coat. When he came, he would always be standing next to me, sitting and looking up proudly with his sharp face. I would pat him. Who wouldn’t? People might be scared at him, because of his size and stern face.
“To me, he is just a cute little puppy who is out of love and lack of confidence and foremost he strived to live
He loves rice. It feels like he has never eaten this thing in his life before when I first introduced this tiny white grains in his bowl. He hates kibbles, he doesn’t take it a lot unless he is hungry. And so he has been loving meal time like a mad ever since.
Little did I know it’s freaking easy to instil the word and action of “hand hand” into his little mind. He has very small head. Ahhh. You can’t pat with one stroke, it’s never enough.  Sometimes you lay a short and sweet kiss on his forehead whispering ily like what I did to Harng and he sometimes did that to…

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