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New Zealand Trip in 13 days (PART 3)

DAY 6-13

To think of it, life itself has been treating me very well. 
Here comes Day 7 in NZ!

We left Taupo in the morning and headed to Wellington. It took about 4 hours and a half  driving. Road trip is very common in NZ. I even saw signboard displaying "NZ roads are different, stay longer." They only have single road >.> And the maximum speed limit is 100km/h. 

Well, Wellington is another city in NZ. Like Penang. We stayed two nights in Wellington before moving to South Island to give the drivers (hahaha) plenty of rest before embarking on the new journey! 

Overlooking wellington. the houses are so special because most of them are on the hill. including ours. 

just me and behind. hahahaha! 

This is at the wharf. I forget what wharf is this. Queens?

please don't jump~!

Normally during the night mostly we will cook dinner at home if time is permitted because most of the shops and restaurant are closed early! 

In the morning, we went to Mount Victoria lookout and wander around. 

Hahaha happy us :DD

Somewhere nearby there was a wind turbine. Its my first time seeing it! What a huge one!!

Wellington wind turbine! There are severals as you walk inside. 

me and the turbine. 
After this, we went to visit Zealandia, its the first zoo we went. Zealandia has nothing much. They don't lock the birds and show them to you in the cage. Instead, you got to find the birds by your own eyes. They protect them so perfect though. And saw lots of iguanas. they can fake themselves in the bushes so well! 

Standing in front of the water measuring system during the olden days

In the afternoon, we spent our time wandering in the Museum of Te Papa. No kidding this museum is free(GOOD AH!lol) and extremely large. When I reached the top (it comes with 4 levels) , I felt like puking and hin hin. LOL too much words to digest and see. 

Ended our night with CHIPS (my favourite!!! I lost count of how many kgs of chips I ate HAHAHAHHA ) and alcoholic drinks(them).

As early as 4/5 am in the morning we left our airbnb and went to the jetty because we were going to South Island!!! 

We took 3 hours ride of ferry (along with our car) to reach Picton. It was a long long long long journey. Because I was not feeling okay with the cruise. You can do lots of things on the cruise. There are movie theater, restaurant, sleeping hut on the cruise and you can spend your time at any place you would like to. 

I actually spent my time in the movie theater and slept almost the whole movie though. Feeling extremely unwell. urgh! 

Reaching Picton, we still have a long journey to reach our first destination in South Island; Westport! (exclude Picton pls) 5 hours of drive if not mistaken. What another long long drive. Caution: always keep some snacks on board! 

muacks muacksssss :P i love this pic the most !

Overnight at Westport and the next day off we go again! To Frank Josef! 
Along the way, the views were so magnificent! 

We visited the seal colony on the way. Can you find them in the picture? :P

This is Weka bird, we mistaken thought we saw Kiwi instead. so paiseh

along the way~ the water is bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

hugs from NZ :D

it was really windy

nice meh. lol

Overlooking Lake Mauporika

Saw the snow mountain? That's Frank Josef. lol I guess. 

Candid shot is the best

lovely. look at the ice behind us! 

Closer shot
After visiting the icy rocks, we went on to Queenstown

Taddaaaa. Saw rainbow ! 
Queenstown was a nice place to stay though. Of course I will never forget the super famours burger in town! Ferdburger! 

so many workers behind the bar.

the amount of people waiting for their burgers!

We finally got our portion after 1 hour

totally juicious delicious. I had the chicken but the beef one was better! 

went up the gondola and have a better view of queenstown!

Off to Te Anau! Second last destination of the trip!

Bye Queenstown~

Hi Te Anau :D

Upon reaching Te Anau, we registered for a tour to visit the glowworm! which is only found in NZ. I have 0 pictures of the glow worms but only picture of the water waves created by our boat. LOL

But it is so much worth to visit the glowworm caves! The view and experience was splendid! You got to visit the cave and capture the photos with your own eyes

So, early in the morning after having our breakfast, off we go to.........


Along the way there are stops where you can view The Mirror Lake, The rocks (I totally have no idea what the names are) but no worries, there will be signboards guiding you. 

I only remember Mirror Lake because it was the easiest to remember. It was just a short walk and you can view the reflection of the mountain on the lake. That's why its a mirror lake. but I saw ripples tho cause the weather was not good.

Upon reaching Mildford Sound, there will be a very enormous rocks with waterfalls on it surrounds you. Super amazing view.

Milford Sound is a place where you can choose to hike up the moutain, or cruising around the hardy rocks mountain. The sweetest option can be cruising around. So here we are! On boat with prepared lunch and also additional underwater aquarium!

Another seal colony resting themselves on the cold hardy rocks.

People named it black coral but clearly its white. Ironically isn't? 

These are the lupines we saw on the roadside while driving back to Te Anau. Super pretty in varieties of shapes and colours. OMG took so much photos here but the best photo is without my face =.= Btw, they have sweet smell too!

After visiting Milford Sound, we went back to Te Anau and stayed for the night. The next day we went back to Queenstown; overnight and left Queenstown by plane the next morning to catch our flight back to Malaysia in Auckland.

Well, thats the end of our trip! Its nice meeting people from all around the world. It feels nice to be able to blog out what my experience in NZ was like (although not all literally and kinda gets bored towards the end)

"Travelling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." 

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

New Zealand Trip in 13 days (PART 2)

Where was I?
Ohhh, the third day.


Third day started by packing our luggages and started our journey to Rotorua ! One of the magnificient place in North Island. On the way down, we stopped at Agrodome :D It was like a huge animal park. There are wide range of activities you can choose to do, we opted for the basic which is the tour and feeding the animals (THOSE WHITE SHEEPS, AND BLACK AS WELL, ALSO ILLAMA **screaming** so damn cute lah, but I was actually terrified when they tried to reach for the pellets on my hands)

You got to watch out your steps because when you are too excited to feed the animals, you will accidentally step on their....poooooooooooooooooo.

what a handsome boy here, 
Brown sheep meeeeeeeeeeeeeek meekkkk mekkkkk

Ilama just next to me hahahha. ps i love your fringe tho

All I love doing is, taking selfies rather than feeding them :P 

Brother ? haahahhahaha ! Same species right ?

Love this photo of me hahahahaha

emo nya ishhhh
It was 3 hours drive from Auckland to Rotorua and after Agrodome we continued our journey to Rotorua and had our lunch there. (Thai food if not mistaken)

Here's a pic with the helicopter behind, you can take the ride to view a volcano (dead) near the place. We didn't because it was so pricey per head. So just take a photo can dy lah~

Here comes the umbrella again! :P
Another attraction in this little town is the boiling lakes/ hot springs named Kuirau Park. Literally boiling. You can see these lakes in the park. Its free as well! Of course the nz government preserved their country so well that you see no one tried to vandalize the environment. Nobody throw eggs into the boiling water and all, they are so well taken care!

its summer in nz. so hot, and the hot lakes, even hotter! 

Mandatory shot *love*

They look like heaven. 

At night, we went to one of the Maori villages (natives in NZ) and had their Maori food . Maori is the origins of NZ. They said some of  them come from Hawaii and stayed in NZ long long time ago. if not mistaken. Was not paying much attention >.> 

Taking a photo at the entrance! 

Their food were cooked using steamed stones underneath the ground.

look at the amount of food I took. Literally took too much and the food was okay, I still prefer Malaysian food :P


Woke up feeling good as well! Good food good sleep!
It was a warm and sunny day here in Rotorua!

This was taken behind the place we stayed. We saw black swarn! huge black swarn swimming at the lake.

He's doing what the Maori people taught him >3>
We droved to Lady of the Knox Geyser. First time watching this where they will put a little soap (very small) and then the water will splash!!!! Cooooool!

The ticket was around NZ45 and you got to catch this view at 9/10 am or you will miss this Lady. hahahaha. Luckily we managed to watch it!

After that you can walk at the park (I supposed its a park; HUGE as well) to view more and more things; Mud pool, green lake, sulfur lake u name it, artist pallete (the lake with so many colours that resembles the pallete; I finally understood)

Basically you will spend 2-3 hours here.

mud pool

artist pallete

pardon my face.

fluorescence lake
Next we headed to Lake Rotokakahi or Green Lake and Lake Tikitapu or Blue Lake and took some shots. NZ is all about the nature. sheeps. hahahahah

We got down the car and had snacks by the lake. I forgot what lake was it but the water was cold! * We actually saw a naked old man enjoying the lake view* LOL my god.

taken by him xoxo
Then we head to the Redwoods. Its a place with so many trees where you can take multiple shots!

Had dinner somewhere and head home and sleep for the day~ 

Got to pack again!



Towards Taupo!
His favourite place in NZ!

Huka Falls is so beautiful! You never get bored of watching the water gushing down ! Its really blue and clear! 

Maginificient rihgt. running out of nouns to describe. 



no idea what is this

People in NZ are so friendly that they offer themselves to help us take photos. 

The airbnb we stayed was quite special! Equipped with 3 bodyguards. 

the rottweiler is terrifying and Ginger is cute! 

This too, another scary dog. husky

The way he sat makes me think of emo/eco :3
We had our dinner at the town and rest for the day!


also, meet Sam! 

Goodbye Ginger~ :333

DAY 7 (To be continued)
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