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The proposed ones.

The sounds of BiBi running on the grass woke me up. It was the last sunrise of 2019. I looked up the sky, it was turning from gradient orange into clear bright blue colour. I felt special that day. Soon, the blue sky were decorated with birds searching for worms to eat?
I love morning sky because it is always peaceful. Here. As peaceful as you can only hear the chirping sounds of insects and little birds. As soft as it heals and calms the soul. 
I looked at BiBi, she was telling me something. There were two dogs outside the gate waiting to play with her. She yelped. They are her playmates, fighting-mates. You name it. I opened the gate and let them in. hahahah. They there go, my grass are in a mess.
I prepared breakfast for both of us. As simple as breads from the store with roselle and lemon homemade jam I made with a cup hot chocolate with condensed milk. Life has been busy on us because we had just organised an event at the farm. We were still recovering from after-event episodes. As …

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