First love

Hey there, I have done with my finals and currently, I am enjoying my semester break at my hometown !
Things are always FUN here because I get to eat what I want to eat. Actually I just done watching a movie entitle " A little called love / first love " I don't know the exact title in English but it is called , 初恋这小事

To tell the truth, I don't cry easily when I face hardships, like having a puncture tyre in the middle of the way to school. But here, after listening to the last sentence by the actor before the movie ends, I felt sudden urge of tears wanting to flow down my cheeks. This is a movie that everyone should watch. The ending was perfect because it's a happy ending :D

You can just watch it from my blog here, or you can click on the link to youtube website. It's two hours movie and with english subtitle. I can't find an English subtitle because no one uploads it on youtube, i guess. Practically I just understand certain plot by reading the simple chinese subs. But even tough you don't understand chinese, I think you still are able to figure out what is going on through the actions.

Alright, I guess that is all. The actress and actor both have the perfect face to be on the screen. When they stand together, I guess it's really perfectxperfect ! Enjoy the typical and cute love story budding between them  !

She is damn gorgeous ! At first, I think she is ugly but as I continue on the plot, I found that she actually don't have any scars, acne, and whatsoever stick on her face ! Her face is as smooth as silk !

This is the guy. The book that he did for the girl was really, umm. make me speechless ! He clearly likes the girl so much but haha. watch the movie ! Awesomeness conquers! He has the handsome look after all :D

by the way, it's a thailand movie. they spoke in thai and I always mistaken the song as chinese songs ;D

so, enjoy ! =]

if you are having exams, why not take a break of two hours to watch this movie ? :P


Maxloon120 said…
Thanks for the reccomendation! ((:

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