Hey I'm in good mood!!

Hey my bloggie!!

While waiting for the facebook barn buddy to load, I spend my time blogging here. I just came back from the YLC meeting and it was boring. For your information, now the time is 4:35 p.m. I came back long time ago lah,, haha.. It ended about 3.30 p.m. and I waited somone's car until 4.00 like that. He's having good time wiht someone. I don't dare to bother. Hahaha!

Today, there was bible class after school and guess what?!
I got 44%( I'm not embarrassed=P) and passed the bible quiz i took. And I got the certificate!! Yahoo, it's a great pleasure for me to get such a *high* marks. Lols. Anyway, I still feel great when I got the certificate. Maybe next time I should boost up to 70? Lol. That's impossible la jessie. Don't dreaming lah.

Haha.. I just like the way I blog now. It's like talking to someone. Not like writing an English essay. If i write *hahaha* in my essay, that would be very hahahaha..

Next, today also,, students in 4s1 are in danger. They've got H1N1!!! Omg,, joking lah. About 15 of them are sick. They have cough and fever which is dangerous to the next class;4s2 which is my class. I don't want to get that!! This is the disadvantage of using an air-conditioned class. Once there is a person having fever, the next minute there will be two people get fever. My class; no air conditioned, so it's a good thing. I always help the class to open the windows. I can't stand if the windows are not open. It seems like a candle in the box.

Next is, the happy thing. This Sunday, I'm going to buy a camera for MYSELF only. A good one (: I'm so so so excited now! Lols?

# wait for pictures from my camera yah?


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