Tired + Lazy + Reckless

Hm, this afternoon I had my exercise day. If I'm not mistaken, it was the first time I sweated a lot. Busy running to catch up. We had the beach cleaning and it was okay. I think everyone had fun especially during the duck see-saw-ing. Now that, I felt I have a headache now.

I faced muscles cramps few times. I think the reason is, I seldom exercise and very low self esteem. LOL. In other word, WEAK. I'm weak at outside, but I'm strong inside. Muahahah! That's me.

Currently finding a lot of information about ss501. Want to know more about them. It's quite fun to watch their videos in U-tube. Some are nice some are not. The quality of the video so "lan" I watch also dizzy. Wondering the video just turn spin turn spin and you can't even see what the recorder is recording. I think that's the cause of me having headache now. One more thing, the crazy screaming fans were like crazy mob. What I hear is only the screamings rather than songs.

So bored la now. Bye for now.


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