Clear up my Boredness

I switched on my computer at about 3+ Supposely I should have switch it on at 2 o'clock because that's my usual schedule. I was sleeping unconciously till I didn't take my lunch. But, I did eat my late lunch just now.
I can't miss any meal because I know I will starve except early in the morning during school time.

Anyway, today I want to blog about what??

* * * *

Hahaha, I have no idea on what I'm going to blog. Ohh ya, schooling days are coming!

And also, my birthday is coming!! Do send me birthday wishes!XD
This year my brithday falls on Sunday. Such a nice day though I love Tuesday more. But, but, Tuesday always are schooling days so I'm not so like it when my birthday falls on school day. XD
Though this year, my brithday will be like ordinary day, I'm satisfied with it already. At least I have a birth-day, The day where I was born. I'm such a lucky girl!

Anyway, tommorrow going to have a treat from Kimfong. XD Such a good friend she is though sometimes I got angry with her ignoring her hating her but that was just my mind without thinking anything. Haha, so bored.

Some of you might thinking that I act "kelian" by writing this post and what's so special about my brithday. I Tell You, my birthday is so special that YOU ARE NOT BORN AT THE SAME DAY WITH ME. If I was born on the same day with you, I might get skin disease(xerophthalmia; dry skin until it can't be saved anymore). Haha. I know everybody has birthday because they are human. Ahaha, so stupid to the people who don't appreciate their birthday, or I better tell them F*CK off this world la.

I just bored so want to tease someone here. Haha, those who feel pissed by my post please tell me. I'll be glad for that.


I just tried to burn some songs into an empty disc and it works! I was such a brilliant girl! Good Job, now, I'll be able to download korean, hindie, chinese, japanese songs form the net and burned it into a disc. Just that, I have some problems about the CD thing. Whenever I pick some songs and burnt it. It could be used. But, when I insert it again to the CD-Rom again wanting to put some more songs in it. I just couldn't figure it out on how to add more songs again. So dumb ah me. First time I see I'm such a dumbie i in THIS. But I'm clever in other thing. LOL.

I know someone must be thinking, haiya that jessie so stupid. This also don't know that also don't know. Haha, whatever la that someone want to think but I tell you what you thinking is going to be placed in a RUBBISH BIN. Hahaha! The Caplocked Rubbish bin was so funny. Even bolded by me. I guess you better stop thinking or else you yourself is going to become a piece of JUNK.

I'm just so like to tease pepos. It was so fun XDXDXDXD

In the end, I'll ended up in HELL.

Thanks to my blog.

Regards everyone!


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