MiNi pal

Dang!! This is my so-called-mini-dictionary. Cute right?? I saw it at K.K book Store. There are still plenty of it on the rack. You can still buy it. It only cost me RM5.95 which is dang cheap!! My tuition teacher also owned one like this but his one is much much more smaller and of course OLDER!
Being so good at watching drama and finally I finished "Lao Po Da Ren 2" Watching till 2 o'clock in the morning makes me wake up at 11 a.m. today(I meant yesterday because the time had passed 12 midnight). I didn't have my lunch. Ate my "char kueh tiao". In the afternoon, watched again and reached the end and helped my mum to do her rainbow cake. It was nice and cute. Going to post a post about that cake XD
So, you can see that the length was about the first finger of mine only! It is much more convenient for me to bring to school rather than bringing the 10 KG dictionary which can make people die. I still can remember when I was primary 6, the teacher asked us to bring 10 kg BM dictionary to school everyday. Heavy like what??!

I've changed a lot of watermark for my photos. But I think I will use the one with the no. 2 star aligned with my "Typical Jessie" words.. Such a brilliant ?


I'm so bored and sleepy now. I don't know what to do right now. Planning to do my Moral project tommorrow. Supposely to finish before exam, but teacher intended me to do some corrections so brought back home, leave it there untill the exams ended. Tuesday to Friday I'm gonna spend my time working at father shop. T_T I hope for salary. So that can increase my savings. I'm so dry out!!

Regards to everyone!


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