Yeah, it's time for blog now

Yesterday failed to online and actually I wanted to blog about something. So, I blog it today, right now.

Actually yesterday I saw someone when I was working at shop. Not Ngee Kiat is that someone though Ngee Kiat also came over yesterday to buy some sort of cornflakes peanuts. Haha.

Actually is Basil's brother, Brendan who is so good looking 1000 times than Basil. XD Didn't dare to really look at him that time. Only manage to smile and do my cashier work. It was so funny when he's trying to say "Sorry, no small money." So, he took out a RM50 note and hand it over to me.

Haha, it was nothing because I'm bored to death to post anything during this holiday. Stuck in BOREDDOM.

Now I got a headache and tomorrow have to go somewhere for something. Haih, bored. Found out that I'm going to be photographer for YLC camp. Should I be happy for that??

Yes, of course because the job is easy.

Regards everyone!


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