Esok Happy Raya

So, I'm here again to post a post full of words. No photos at all. It seems that I like to type so much. Exactly yes but I won't take it as my future job. Of course, I hope to be in medical stuff like my seniors who are going to be future doctors and what so ever that is related to medic.

So, esok hari raya for muslim. Not my day because there's no house for me to visit and they don't invite me except my classmate; Annuar where he lives 100km from my house. So, my mum would say no to me.

Sigh, so bored right now. My mood not good because Pamela got AM and not Wallace. T_T I LOSE to her, if I lose to Wallace nevermind, just don't get it how the heck she get that?! I'm so ashame of myself. Next year must beat her. LOLs, hope that is possible.

I love to compete in studies. I don't know why.

Regards everyone!


Dr Vanco said…
Hi, juz blog-hopping and came across your nicely written blog. Interested in medicine? It's common to find many who wants to become doctors. Few are fortunate enough to pursue medicine, and even fewer persistent enough to become a dedicated Dr.
If hard work would not defeat your interest in medicine, prepare yourself for a long road ahead. Study hard!

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