Yesterday was tuition time

So yesterday I had tuition at my neighbour's house. It was English tuition and I wrote an essay again. This time, I want to retype it here. So, I chose the first question which is, An Unforgettable Experience

"Stop it! Stop it!," I screamed towards the crowd who were throwing eggs at me. The crowd surrounded me and laughed at me. After throwing eggs, they poured a bucket full of flour over me. My whole body was covered with sticky combination of eggs and flour. I knew the culprit behind this. It was Jerry; the richest boy in the school.

The day before, I had accidentally dropped an ice cream on his espensive-looking shoes. I apologized to him and he did not accept my apology. Instead, he asked me to lick his leather shoes. I refused to do so and gave him a big punch on the face. I left him and walked proudly away. I could imagine that he was starring at me and planning a revenger on me.

He paid the students to fool me. I would not just leave the matter. I told myself that he was the person I hated the most. After the incident, he played another trick on me. As my school was one of the schools that has a closed swimming pool, I always went there for a swim after schooling in the morning. I have always loved to swim. Swimming is my passion and it will never change.

I changed into my swimming suit whic my father bought in England before he left me and never returned again. From that day onwards, I told myself that I wanted to be a world class swimmer known by the entire planet. As usual, I took my googles and walked to the pool. Antonishingly and surprisingly, the pool was full of rubbish!!

"How am I going to swim?" I yelled inside my heart. It must be Jerry again. He had been fooling me for the past one week. Everyday, I encountered different pranks. I needed to be tough like an alley cat. Despite the angry feeling, I dashed into the pool and started to collect all the rubbish that were floating on the surface of water.

By the time I had cleared all the rubbish, I was almost half dead and tired. That day I did not train and just went home and slept till the next day.

The next day, a teacher announced that there would be an annual party in Imperial Hotel. Everyone had to wear formal attire. All the girls were excited except for me. It was just a party and nothing interesting. So, after school I went to the mall to find a suitable dress for that particular night as I did not own any formal or luxury-looking dress.

The night was fine and windy. The party was held in an open area where there was a swimming pool in the middle. I was hoping that I could just jump into the pool and start to swim. The students were enjoying themselves and so was Jerry. I avoided to have any eye contact with him. I walked to a corner where there were fewer people. I enjoyed the beautiful night scenery and gazed at the stars in the sky. There were a lot of stars that were glimmering at me. Whenever I looked at the stars, I miss my father.

"Splash!" the noise attracted me to turn around. It was Jerry! He had fallen into the pool. I was laughing at him.

"Help!Help!" Jerry yelled. No one wanted to help him as they were enjoying their feast and the water detered them from helping him. They did not want to get wet on that night. Suddenly, my foot moved and I quickly jumped into the pool. By that time, Jerry's hand had almost disappeared from the surface of water. I did not know that he could not swim.

Wtih the help of some students, I managed to get Jerry out of the pool. He was unconscious. I slapped his cheeks to get him awake. After a few seconds, he was still unconscious. I gave him the kiss of life. I tried to blow air into his mouth. I was doing CPR. I repeated a lot of times and almost fainted. Finally, he gave me a cough. Water spurted out from his mouth. Everybody was relieved that Jerry was conscious again. I was totally blushed when he came to. I supposed that he was surprised or shocked when he saw my face. I left the party and went home drenched without leaving a word.

From that day onwards, Jerry had stopped all his tricks adn now we have been together for a year. I t was truly and unforgettable experience in my life.

So, that was my story. Do you think it's quite familliar? Yes it is. It was plotted out from my favourite drama; Boys over flowers. I hope I was the girl! Hahaha, just kidding. I earned 40 out of 50 from my teacher. What a grace!


So, yesterday my aunt called and I'm going to KK during the long holiday! That will be great! I was so happy to have a pleasant time with my cousins! XD I'm awaiting for that moment!

Regards everyone!


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