I drank yesterday

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From the title onwards, you can see the word "drank"means drink but it is in past tense because it had already happened. As you know, yesterday's date was 10.10.2009 which means a lot for those who tied the knot. From an unknown source, I heard that in chinese it says "shi quan shi mei"

SO, resulted in so many hotels booked up for weddings. I also attended a simple yet lovely wedding of my bla-bla-bla. To be exact, I don't know the person who tied the knot is who who. Don't be shocked. I always forget that. Too much to remember. I just went there as my mum asked me and sat there to eat.

Onto the part where I was drunk. I mean not-so-real drunk. Alcoholics are dangerous for girls. I thought to drink alcohol was like drinking orange juice. Memanglah, orang kampung like me. How to know what is alcohol. And also in many dramas, they are like drinking juicy and sweet orange squeeze.

Answer: Taste it.

The waiter was offering wine to our table. So, I did not take it. Cousins who are way two year younger than me had the desire to drink it. So, they took it. I did not know that they are so wasteful! I helped my cousin to drink hers. The first gulp was okay. Then I took the second gulp. There's no third one because I drank up the whole glass! But it was just half glass that the wine was filled up. Of course not the full glass.

Then, after a while my stomach was grumbling! Wtf, that really make my day worse. Haha, my dad sat beside me asked,
" You drink the whole glass??"
I said in a blurry voice,
" Yes I guess so, but shirley also got drink"
I think she only drink o.o2 ml of that wine. WTF?


guess what, after that?

My face was hot and hot. Ears turning red so fast. My reaction towards the wine was a quick one. LOL. I told myself "I will never ever try any alcoholic drinks anymore in my life". I ever drink wine before. I think was last year during my aunt's wedding in Sibu. That was more concentrated le. I mean even saturated.

Okays, I was way too lucky that my body don't itchy today. Also no headache.

Besides, I saw a figure that looked like someone in my class. and it was him! I mean again!
So unlucky of me!

* * *

Skip yesterday onto today. This afternoon I have to memorise some facts for Biology slideshow tomorrow and also Chemical thing with their own respective colour! What a hectic day! I'll stop here.

Enjoy reading my post? Keep it up Jessie! Done a great job! Applause to me~

p/s: XD, I downloaded some 2ne1 wallpapers!!

Every end is a new beginning


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