Here I come BOOKS and MOVIES

Have been admiring thick books recently. I just want to post something about books. I had asked my brother to take me to Belle's bookshop for book shopping so that next week I have book to read. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I was wondering why. Why it is so? Last time I had asked one of my senior to borrow me the book but-but I think he had forgotten about that. I plan to buy that book. I hope I can find one in Miri.

Below this, you will find some 2012 doomsday:Doomsday is an end of the earth as we know it, the human race may or may not, live through such an event. but our world would never be the same. earth would continue to exist as would some life. however a doomsday event is usually seen as a major extinction event with 60-99% of life on earth ending.

I just curious about what it means about Doomdays. I was like half blur so I googled it out and found out the meaning. I saw Judgement Day, power rangers, viruses, wars, dead and more when I clicked on the definition.


2012 movie had hit the cinema and I am planning to watch it but I heard that it costs about RM30 per ticket. Wt price is that? I don't know whether it's real or not but I hope no because I want to watch it so much! and also Christmas Carol! and I see that it will come out on 19 November. I ever watched the real version of Christmas Carol and now they are coming out with some sort like 3D version and it must be hillarious and not-so-bored movie. I love it to the max eventhough I haven't watch it.

Every end is the new beginning


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