Sunny Day (again)

So, it's been a week of exam and I had terrible time during it. I can't concentrate on my Biology because of certain reasons. Thus, I guess my mark is really going to the hole.

Okay, but nevermind, I still got one more summative to go and that I will be burning the midnight oil everyday. That's my promise.

Yesterday, my mother asked me if I wanted to study secondary 6 after secondary 5 so I was blurr blurr and my mother said I need to take note of the matriculation stuff. She asked me to apply for it and study hard for it so i passed the aplication and going to labuan. Haha, that was like long long time.

So, I still have another week of exam. It will be Chemistry, Additional Mathematics, History, English and Mathematics.

Such a bad school !! Make us suffering!

* * *

In my town, it's been going bad hazzy these few days. I hate the people who create this. I learnt through the news that someone is trying to burn fields out for maize plantation. I will definitely sue that pepos! It made me hard to breathe. Isn't it's enough ??

It will make me hate miri if these going to be same the next week. I can't stand it.

I guess I better stop here. I took an hour from my brother to update my blog. So, I won't be blogging till next next week :/


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