Mid Term Holiday

It was just an ordinary holiday with the presence of some extra activities which I found it quite intriguing.

Especially the trip to Sarikei in Sarawak by BUS.

I hate BUS so much because I easily get dizzy in the bus. Or should I call it groundsickness? I do get airsickness too. I don't like to be in something moving for hours.

I definitely HATE it to the MAX !!

With my bfriend, the trip became more exciting. We talked a lot of things in the bus.


This is the very best photo I took out from the camera. THE BEST EVER

even though I got a scab of old pimple under my lips.

We got RM10 for lunch for free. It was a short trip. I mean SHOrt.

This is the photo of our shoes. White shoes we wore that day

A sad case that my friend and I did not get anything at that night. But, one of my guy friend got it. Grats ya ! even though I envious of it.


Anonymous said…
Visit Sarikei website at http://sarikei-time-capsule.blogspot.com/

Join Sarikeian Facebook at http://groups.to/sarikeians/

Please forward to all Sarikei friends

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