Giving Up Is The Ultimate Tragedy

Hey greetings ! I'm right back here to post some random stuff here. Exam is right next week. After two weeks of exam, the consequent week Friday, there's a full bible paper for 2 1/2 hours. I hope I can cope with it well :) So, few weeks ago, I found my blog has been featured on E-pop magazine. So glad and shocking even though it's just a tiny column on the left side.

Can you view it ? But gladly, I changed my layout already :) (not the old rusty layout)

This few weeks I have been studying for day and night (except for now). Doing all the past year questions for every subjects. Tired nevertheless, I will fight till the end !

The cookies that is extremely delicious which accompanied me while studying

I eat and eat and eat . . .

My tri-coloured pens

One more month to go . . .

My little basket which is filled with my tiny things

My pencil case :)

Sigh , my grandpa is sick and my mum left for Kuching yesterday. Doctor said there's few stones in the stomach according to my mum. And I think it's called gallstones. It has to be removed by surgery and my grandpa is having it. I hope that everything is fine there . . .

* * *

All the best in my trials !


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