Life is not all sunshine and rainbows

"Life is not all sunshine and rainbows"

Everyone understand it well so I don't have to state the meaning clearly unless you are that dumb or a baby who is still unable to walk or talk. I love the quotes where I found it's interesting if I could use it in my essays.

The thought of becoming a writer popped out in my mind before but I knew I never accomplished it. If I could have a book of my own story, how wonderful the world is to me!
Even though, no one wants to buy it LOL

It's not for the sake of money but the the memoirs to be keep in words. If I really could make money out of it, I will donate it to the needy. Really, no kidding.

So, the title for my post has nothing to do with my post because I only put it randomly as it appeared on my ming the moment I see the Title thing.

Life is all about books

Yeah, Trial 2 is over and never be back again. Ended Trial 2 dreadfully . . . I think I did not do it so well. Well, just let me see the result tomorrow. I am awaiting for my English paper, wondering how the teacher will respond for my so-boring essay. I still hope I can get at least 40/50 for essay part. I don't want 30+ only !!

Here, I bought some, actually it's a lot workbooks for me to do during these few weeks. I cleaned my room, tables, and everything on the floor. It's really an eyesore to me so I might just as well to clean it up.
2 books in 2 weeks

So, I started to read my bible books yesterday. It was really incredibly HARD. There are thousands of things to memorize. I hardly could breath when I looked at it but I could not give up THAT easily because I am strong ! HAHAHA , bible test has been postponed to next week and it gives me a whole 2 weeks to study and remember it deep deep in my HEART. LOCK IT AS WELL.

You see, there are 24 chapters in Luke and 28 chapters in Acts. All together, 52 chapters. This really test how my brain works. How strong my brain . . If I really get A+ in Bible I think I deserve for a noble prize. Really....

Haha, just a joke to break the ice . . .

Anyway, I want to say Good Luck to myself !By the way, I'm getting a card from a blogger who is really good at handicrafts! How I wish I have plenty of time to do all that for everyone in the world when their birthdays come. Here's the link ! You may browse through the colourful and creative cards she made :)

To say the truth, I rather get the October card because it's far more meaningful . .. but God teach me to appreciate everything even though it's not the one that you crave for :))

Oh ya, the school academic day is coming soon ! I hope I could get top 5 overall this year please ! I'm counting . . . . wallace no 1 . . kele no 2. .. . no3 no idea.... .. . no4 no idea . . . no 5 at least ME !

Soon, I will be writing a long long post after my exams. I mean , I had plenty of time to take photos around the school after my last day exam because there will be like 13 of students who leave the school for the last including me. It will be really sad . . .

Leaving my teenage year . . . . . into the real world . . . . . how wonderful it is ! I can't wait to leave the school for good purposes and return for good too ! I will miss my teachers, friends and more. . . But I never miss the nasty and smelly toilet that I ever bath in when I was on camp four years ago.


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