Here I come

Sitting in front of the computer makes me sick but I have nothing else I could do other than reading books, playing computer and watching tv. So, I choose the second option because I like it so much.

Today, when I woke up, I feel great. I don't know why but the whether is so amusing and fresh that I never find it in Miri. Maybe it's because of the window. Every time when I woke up at my home in Miri, I always feel hot and uneasy. You know why? Because the windows are close and my aircond will switch off automatically around 5 am. It is very hot and hectic when I sleep till mid day and that ruined my day as well. It's like sleeping in an closed car that will suffocate you and you're dead by the time people find you.

But today, it's different. I stay at my uncle house and I did not use aircond to sleep. Yesterday night was raining and the breeze just came in and you know, the freshness. And my mood is good.

So, tomorrow is Christmas and I guess we will be having BBQ ! I await that long time ago.

Okay my friends, MERRY CHRISTMAS :)


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