Not interesting at all

I am about to post 4 continuing videos here because it goes that way. Okay, to tell the truth, these videos make no sense at all because I don't understand what they are talking about and even with my eyes viewing widely at the videos, I also can't understand what it is going to be about. I'm choosing the best quality of video and I hate lousy video that's why I post the HD here even though there's no subtitle. Ah, don't care

To overcome my boredom in the middle of night, I posted these videos for you guys to look at. I only know that BigBang are inside. I think the director of this video also thinking that his/her short film is lame and not interesting at all. As you can see, the viewers are only few about thousands at youtube site.

But clearly, the mob fans of big bang would just wanted to look at the handsome and good looking boys and I think that's the point in this film. Okay, let's enjoy the lame and not interesting short film of BIGBANG. I think they shouldn't act, just stick to the singing and dancing will do :)

Sorry to taeyang's fans there. I think he's short and I checked, he's 174cm. Quite's the same with my brother and I want to say that my brother is short as well but he is still taller than me and I don't care. He's short, taeyang's short as well. Well, the difference is taeyang looks great and my brother. . . .dah :/ HAHAHA

So, how it is? If you understand Korean, tell me what's it is going in the film. Okay, it's 1.32am right now and I don't feel sleepy at all. Yay ! Three more days to go .Bye. Enjoy


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