Oh, I visited cinema today

Today I had my first movie after SPM and it was great. The movie was great and shall ever be great forever. This is recommended for everyone of you. I love going to Narnia as well. I wonder if I have a picture frame of a sailing ship and the next thing I know, the water came out and drown myself. I know, it's just some sort of fairytale thingy but anyway, it was still an awesome movie.

This is the part that I love the most. The blue star. Great and beautiful. A typical magical+fairytale type of movie. Prince Caspian was handsome and Eustace was such a great and charming dragon while Aslan, the lion is unpredictable. Lucy was, um the always good girl character in the movie. Only children are allowed to Narnia. I hope I could but I'm not a child anymore. So sad. Edmund is charming as well.

Towards the end, as usual always ended up with a happy ending. I guess if it is a sad ending I would throw my slippers towards the screen and sue the director.

Oh great, the talking mouse ! Reepiccheep . He is great in dagger training . So, it's good that the real hero is actually Eustace who always complaining and making stupid fuss when he reached Narnia but he was great and the most touching moment is when he turned into a dragon and the moment he dropped off the precious tears of a dragon.

Yeah, the movie was like the movie The Soccerer's Apprentice and I really like it much. Pretty much like Harry Potter. and this kind of movie is always awesome-ness.

So, today I bought 3 set of DVDs and I am glad of it because I spent RM45. My heart broke as well when I took out the RM50 note. Nevermind, because it's my love, korean dramas ! The long awaited dramas that I wanted to watch this year.

Besides, I also bought a pink purse and it's really pretty and simple but my friends say that it is too PINK. Yah, I don't give a damn because pink is my favourite even though I don't look like a girl who favour pink a lot.

This is the great song that I found in youtube for Narnia soundtrack. Enjoy :)

All in all everything was great ! Thanks buddies :)

* * *

Time flies and tomorrow I am going to the camp . Oh great, I hope it will be FUN ! Bye :)


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