Ayeen New Year Giveaway

Well, I came across a blogger friend via the bloglist. When I first saw the photo (above), I was thrilled or overjoyed over the colourful stuffs on the photo above ! Well, actually this is the blog contest and I wanted to test my luck since I passed my law test today :)

So, as it says on the blog stated which prizes that I want so I think and think and think that i wanted the cute pack better. I love cute stuffs loads !!

Really astonished that they are these crafts blog around in Malaysia. Well, I'm a Malaysian and I'm proud of it even though it's HOT ! What to do.. all God's will and when there's a bad, there's also a good thing behind just that I haven't find it yet.

Back to the topic again, I really don't know how to write this entry because I don't know what should I write. I think I would say something about cute stuff that I have in my room. Well, I love Hello Kitty loads! Hello Kitty? Everyone knows it. Isn't it CUTE ???!

this is my cute cute Hello Kitty :) say hi !!

Please say it cute even though you don't think it's cute ! Hehe, it I could win those cute stuff from Ayeen, then it's great. There are more CUTE stuff in my room ^o^

I guess that's the end of my blog post for the giveaway. and when I got back to the site, I found there's already 155 comments on the blog. I felt like =.=" "[ the chances are so little for me to win :( ] and this is last minute. *hit my head*


thank you for joining my giveaway..god lucks!

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