little help from you bring the joys to everyone

So yesterday I had my lunch with my friends and it was a great one. We went to Sugarbun to have the fast food and while we were halfway chatting, someone came upon our table and put two cards with words printed on it and we just read them. So it was about the deaf-mute organisation thingy. The person using the sign language or I rather say it as body language to communicate with us.

Well, I never see this person before but I ever donate something to the same organisation last time and they gave me a bookmark with all the sign languages. Well, this is rather interesting. The cards saying that to support the organisation we can buy the crafts made by them. RM6 for one and RM10 for two. So there were four of us and we bought 4 hand phone straps with RM20. Well, their crafts are not bad . It's cute :) So here are the photos taken after I got home.

I hang it on my phone :)

Isn't it cute ?

Sorry for not taking any photos of the other three because I did not bring my camera there :(

Wondering why it is a boy? I also don't know. Actually I want to choose the rabbit one but my friend hand was faster than me so she took it ! 0.0 Then, there's another girl character but I let it to my friend as well. Heheh, so I took the boy :D

In the end, the person using his sign language giving us kisses and I smiled. LOL !

It was great thing to happen on me. So, you! readers! when you encounter these things , make sure you don't chase them off ! Especially in MIRI :) if you are a mirian, if you see them, please support them. I blog this to make my life wonderful :)

Just give anything that you can so that everyone is happy ! Can you imagine how hard it is if you can't hear and talk? They can't listen musics, and everything that involves hearing. How lonely their world is ?! But what did they do? They don't kill themselves but find ways to live life happily :) So, think this way and help them (: Maybe your little help could bring the joy to a person's entire life !!


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