it's time to show some concern, society

Today, I found that I'm missing every pasts.

It's early in the morning. I could not catch a sight of the Sun. I was pretty sure that today is perfectly a good day. I found myself squatting at the market having to wait for my mum to deal with the vegetables. I found myself starring at two little girls . They were trembling and running all the way, full with joy. Laughters could be heard. Screaming of the girls vibrated my eardrums. I did not feel any angry-ness, but typically a smile was on my face. It reminded me of my past. Of my dear, sister. owh. Once when I was in primary 1 where I was going to school for the first day. She, pulled my legs, not letting me to leave her. She cried, everyday when it was about time for me to go to school. Mum, always angry because of the loud cryings. We was once a great sisters' relationship. Now, not anymore. No chattings, no sharing, nothing. but the love is still there. right at the corner of my heart. no one knows.

I found myself , sitting under a coconut tree . It was a very good day. Sport Day was on the go. It was simply a splendid feeling. Reminiscing all the moments that I have been through at the school. Activities. Teachers. Friends. Juniors. Watching people are fun, it will be more fun if you are in it. Aww, I miss my school.


Before I end my post, I found something here. Please click the link below and you will be directed to a video. touching video.

Click the link above readers. There's a video about a little girl who is suffering from cancer.


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