raining night

It has been raining since 3 hours ago. At first it was drizzling, and I was quite sure that it will stop after a while. BUT, soon right after I thought it, the rain become heavier and heavier. WTF?!

Stop with the bullshits. It's raining right now and I feel nothing about this rain =.=

this is just another random post. Nothing unique happen to me recently. that's why I am out of ideas! Well, let me tell you something. I finished a romance novel where I stole it from my sister's rack, fyi. She stole mine too and I need to revenge since I let it be last time. a romance novel!! I was reading it from time to time when I was working at my dad's. that novel was typically the very very romance type of novel. full of loves. When I was reading too, feel like well, I know what's the ending. happy ending. that kind of novel really sick. no motive at all. everything is bullshits. Sorry to criticise it badly, I'm just telling the truth :P

the book was about LOVE typically. every single paragraphs. I don't really agree to have any romance or bromance or sismance during my teenage hood, what can I do? I tried it once.once.once! that was like,,, a dream ? pooh! gone. LOL

Now I'm 17 and 8 months to be precise. I can think now.I always can think -.- I start to use my super tiny brain to think deeply.HAHA

never indulge yourself in relationship during when you are 1 to 19 years old. if you are already in, then, go on.have fun. LOL. maybe I should start dating when I'm 20 ? yes. I would like to =.= (influenced by the novel)

#sorry, this is really a boring post.


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