that in-moral people in the car

Hey readers, I'm back again for another blog post. I can't think of anything better to post here. So, today I am going to post something extra rude.extra rude

As you see the photo , created originally by me using "Paint". The damn red bullshit that I draw is the stupid white no brain Myvi. No brain to the driver , not the car. Actually I draw a rectangle, but in the end, I plan to destroy the car !@$%$^%$&$@% MUAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHHAHAHA

So, I think the photo explain perfectly what am I going to say. So, it's like that. I'm lazy to tell the whole thing.

The driver like erm, thinking that I was invisible ( I was once invisible driver when I was a L license driver )

MY CAR which is hell BIGGER than that tiny car, and he couldn't even see . WTH?!

He just speed out from the road into my road. wtf?!

You are lucky to have my dad beside me. If not, I already crash to ur butt purposely.

bye. regards.

sorry, I really very angry .

p/s: UTAR sucks at student management. If you want to enter UTAR, make sure you apply it erm like two months before the intake ?


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