I'm trying to eat healthily because I don't want a face full of pimples scars

I saw that I only wrote a post this month and now, it's in the middle of the month. Well, I am not really into blogging recently because I wake up early in the morning to follow my mum go to market to buy whole lot of veges. Worsen the situation, I always sleep late and wake up early in the morning around 5.30am and prepare to start my routine again. I hate it when I do not have enough sleep and my mood seriously drop down.

Moody face all the way till afternoon. I feel guilty showing the bitch face to people*

I think those who see my with that super dark face feel like slapping my face. I don't care !

I always wanted to sleep early, but I can't ! I simply can't !I can't resist the temptation to switch on the dekstop and start playing it until midnight like now.

After I got back from shop, the first thing that I do is to go upstairs and press the on button at the CPU. GREAT.

And this, goes on and on from the moment I finished my spm last year until NOW.

Last but not least, let me share some good stuff for you ,readers.
# 如果那天小丑哭了,你会不会觉得他在搞笑

#If one day the clown cried, do you think that he is trying to joke ?

*It might sounds weird in english, but not in chinese. Your heart will startle when you get the meaning.


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