9 more days

It's 12 May 2011. I was siting in front of my lappy again. Blogging. 9 more days and I am going to leave this room to another place. To a place which is completely strange to me. Strange. Unknown. I might not used to the environment, but I still have to because I am going to spend another 4 years there. 4 years . . .

That is it. I am going to leave my house to further my studies in Perak. From Sarawak to Perak. How far is that. Not really far, not as far as Ireland. I know I will miss everything here. Less time for family. Less time for old friends.

So today, accompanied by my dad, I went to bank to do some stuff. Making an ATM for my own which I need approval from my parents because I'm still 17. wtf. Few more months and I am going to be 18. 18, strange.

So now, I have two atm cards in my purse.

Feeling weird. I am really going to leave my home soon. Very soon. 9 days. I needed to. To face the outside world. Try to be independent, without parents by my side. I think I can survive. I just don't want to be homesick because that is really bad. I had once, homesick. That was when I leave my family for a week for the freaking boring camp in Kelantan.

Maybe it was the camp, too boring and suck that made me feel homesick.

challenges ..

I need to face some challenges to make me stronger and stronger. When I come back, don't be surprise if I had changed because I need to. wtf, this reminds me of Si Tenggang's Homecoming.

I'm a girl version of Tenggang. LOL

I guess that's all for tonight. By the way, I think, Mary stayed out all night is boring. move on to another drama. HK drama starring linda chung !! *love*


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