This afternoon, after picking up my sister from school. I was sitting on the bed and figuring what else to pack into my luggage. Suddenly she handed me some presents. Two presents to be exactly. One with the small and tiny bag and then one with pokka dots box and a card. Both from my little and cute juniors :)

This is the card she send me and there are messages inside. How sweet is her :)

Thanks for the wishes, I won't forget you , little girl :D

This is the gift inside the pokka dots box. Dolphin ! I like it, thanks girl. again :D

There, another little junior who gave me an adorable bear hp hanger ! One of my cute juniors as well. I mean, I really touched when I got the present from my sister. It's not about the things I got, it's about the friendship, the valuable friendship. They wished me farewell by giving gifts and I really treasure it very very much. Thanks, once more.


By the way, I already packed some today. 80% is done. 20% will be tomorrow :D

Today I had my last dinner with my family members. A feeling of unwillingness to leave this home in two days time popped out. . . .

But I must endure it. "I am wondering whether I will cry or not on saturday morning?" Ihopeidont :(

Bidding goodbyes to everyone. well internet connects us back :D


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