everything is real

Today as usual, I woke up and went to the market to buy vegetables with my mum. I reached shop and continue my sleep in the office that used to be my study room when I was stil in high school. I fell asleep and somehow, there were noises ; firecrackers. It was the new shop that had just open for business. They treat people eat :D

That is not the main point that I wanted to say.

So, I continued my sleep despite the noises. Later, someone called my name.
"Jessie, Jessie.." I recognised the voice, it's my uncle.

So, he handed me three red packets. THREE!

He handed me the first red packet and said it's from grandpa.
He handed me the second red packet and said it's from grandma.
He handed me the third red packet which is from him.

The third one especially , is super thick. So he told me that grandparents heard that I'm going to study in West M'sia and give me the red packets. Chinese parents always like to give red packets.

So, I accepted it. and I ran out to tell my mum and dad. It was pretty shocked that when I found out 2k in the third red packet. I felt guilty to take that amount of money. My grandparents gave me 1k.

All these, I feel uneasy actually but at the same time, I feel glad to have such a caring family members.

I really have to study well and get a good job to repay all their deeds to me. My uncles always give me red packets, I don't know why. UPSR, PMR, SPM.. everytime, I must be receiving some cash but this was the first time I received that LOT.

Yeah, admission to UTAR was on 50% of scholarship. So, my dad don't have to pay much. The condition is that I need to get cgpa above 3.00 everytime there's exam. I hope I can do well.

First trimester cost RM2092, quite cheap compared to other universities.

I am going to study Critical Thinking, Mathematics I, Physical Chemistry, Fundamental of cell biology, and Physics I for the first Trimester. It was pretty tough when I see the phy phy wordings.

Arh, nevermind. I can cope with it providing by the love from my family :D

So, wish me luck!


that's awful lot's of money girl... you need to really put in an awful lots of effort in your studies ya. they so love you....

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