korean drama fever again

Well, I want to watch this so long ago and last Sunday I went out and saw the dvd so I bought it. RM 10 lost.

This drama is HOT and a lot of people watch it so I must watch it too! Girls always like dramas. So do I.

Yay, the girl is damn cute. Suddenly thought of curling my hair again :S

No, I can't. I have been trying hard to cut off my leftover curls now. Still have one turn on my head now. Need to cut it off again! Sigh, I'm jealousing people who have long hair now :S

Seriously using laptop to update my blog is pretty nice. Now, my sister is sleeping behind me (the bed is behind me; my study table is in front of the bed) and I'm updating my blog. OMG. this feeling is great!!

I don't have to go to my brothers' room and use the dekstop. Heheh.. anyway, I'm still wandering how will my uni life will be.

I have a lot of questions in my head now.

What will my room be like?
What kind of teachers are going to teach me?
How am I going to school? (My senior goes to school using bus because she can't cycle. I think I am going to cycle :D)
What kind of people will I meet?
What will happen to me after one year ?omg...

Alright, this is a messy post. sorry. I do random and messy post at midnight. Good night peeps ! :D


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