my mum is leaving me today

Hello guys, I reached Kampar, Perak few days ago. I settled down my stuff already and had my registration today.

I can't upload any photos yet, but I promise I will. sooner or later.

I woke up early in the morning and took my bath. My mum was heading back to Miri today. I think she reached Miri by now already. I hope she call me later~

So, now I am sitting at the kitchen with my friend in front of me.

I rode bicycle to school. It was pretty awesome and it was a really really new experience for me. I never ride a bicycle to school before. I carried my bag behind me and put my bottle in the bicycle's basket. I was thinking that I live in a 60 century. So, classic.

I saw a lot of people. They are riding bicycles too. Many.

I don't know the road to school. My friend too. We were following other people from the back. It took around 15 minutes to school. When we reached the school, we saw a lot of people lining up already. Very very long q.

Registration was also another tiring thing. When I enter the heritage hall, it is quite big, but not really big, I saw a lot of strangers. STRANGERS.

I don't see any known people unless for my primary school friend. So, the next thing, I followed the campus tour. Very boring. We were brought around the school, I'm shocked that the school is very very very......HUGE

There are block A B C D E F G H I J K L

and the most amazing thing is, the library. very very amazing because it has three or four floor. Super large. I think I'm going to spend the rest of my life there. fully air-conditioned is the main reason.

Then I followed the kampar tour which I was really lucky because there was an extra seat for me on 11 am session. My friend was inside the bus already. She booked earlier on and then when I went to book again, there was no more space for me, but I was lucky. A guy cancelled the tour, and I can go for that session :D

I was the last person to enter the bus and I met new friends in the bus. I rushed into the bus.

Conclusion is, I met three new friends today. Lee jun from Kedah, jia qian from Ipoh, and Mary from Miri :D

I hope tomorrow will be a better day :D

seriously riding bicycle under the hot sun was very terrible experience. I had headache which spoiled my mood very much :(

onto the next post, I hope it comes with photos :DDDD


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