Thank you , Lord.

So, yesterday I posted that "tomorrow will be a better day" and it really does! I drove home with my brother sitting beside me and when I finally parked the car and off the engine. I walked out to see the mailbox. Guess what ?!

I found a brown envelope! An envelope! which I waited for so long!!

It's the offer letter from UTAR . I checked online few days ago saying that I accepted to study foundation in science and then leads to biomedical science. But the thing is I still haven't receive my offer letter.

waiting is suffering. really. very suffering.

So, today I have a better day. I received my letter !! OMG. Quickly take a look and finally it's in front of my eyeballs. I like!

I have to read more tonight :D

so happy and my friend called me, asking if want to help me to book ticket. AND yes, booked.

Flying to Kuala Lumpur on 21st May 2011. I can't wait to go there even though it's sad that I have to leave my family for months. Anyway, say good luck to me readers! I need it. I'm in the midst of preparing stuff ...

shoes...bags..laptop..clock..pens..everything... :D

bye :D

I have a short post today . . . say cheese.

btw, I overcome the thing that bugged me . I'm seriously happy with it !


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