tonight, I write.

It has been a few days since I posted the latest post. I was working for a housing development company in a furniture fair. It was probably the greatest time I had when I was working. WORKING! I never have fun when I was working especially at my dad's.

So, it was pretty tiring when you have to work from 10am to 10pm. Not pretty tiring, it's tiring! Whole day standing and talking and begging customers to buy furnitures. Well, it was pretty fun as well. Being able to find new friends with a lot of special features. Some are bad, and some are pretty nice.

Towards the end, which was the last day. The most tiring day. I can still feel the muscle pain under my arms. We needed to wrap the displayed furniture into the plastics , one by one. one by one. one by one. Until 11.30 pm then everything is done. I sat down feeling dismay . So dark , so scary. so tired. so smelly. I want to bath !!

I had my salary in cash ; RM243.90 for four days and I think it's good for a girl like me.

So, I went back. accompanied by two male friends and I had the greatest 10 minutes in my life before my brother reached there to pick me up.

Thank you my friends.


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