i am here :D

Right now, feeling sleepy, I am here blogging for everyone. Especiallt for my friends in Miri. Truly, I miss them very much. very very much. Ever since I come here, everything need to be settled by myself. I buy food for myself, I do things all by myself. Everything by myself. This is really very very frustrating at first. For the first two weeks, I felt very teribble living here.

But now, not anymore.

because there are friends around me :)

Every weekends are full of activities. Sometimes, I feel exhausted, wanting to faint and never to wake up again. A call from my mum makes me stand up again. But then, freedom is here.

I "quite" love this kind of life. But seriously, sometimes when I reached my room, back from school, I can feel the loneliness within my heart. Last time, when I came back from school, there are siblings everywhere, cousins, parents and more. I am taken care by them very well. Now, I came back from school, no more food prepared for me. I have to settle meals by myself. But then, what makes me tough ?

friends and calls from my mum :D

Last Sunday I went for City Tour, the places that I visited were, Taiping and Ipoh. I woke up early in the morning, dressed up myself in red. Walked over to the basketball court which was the gathering point of the journey. very anticipating feeling in my body.

I met my friends there. Loads of friends. Actually my friend and I were placed in another bus while the other three friends were in one bus. Feeling very angry + sad, we asked permission to change into the same bus. In the end, we were in the same bus :D that made a double happiness :)

I sat beside a girl; a second year degree student. I knew a lot from her. Particularly about study stuff. She is a pleasant girl :D

I love this photo the most and the most. Ignore the tissue * This photo is taken on top of Kellie's Castle :D


I'm not going to describe every minute details on what I did, saw during the trip because it will be boring.

So, I might just conclude all of it. Everything was very perfectly end. I did not regret joining the trip. Everything was worth it.

It's getting fun here but not the study part. I hate having lectures but then what to do ? I still have to face it. My physics lecture is a very very very funny person =.="

I joined and had my first training for tae kwon doo. and I am so going to get a black belt in four years time so that I look more "man" LOL

Do you think that I should join the waltz dance ? tell me God.


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