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One more week to exam. It's a small test only and I hope it's not that hard ~ So, I just came back from school and later have to go to school again just for an hour tutorial class. Sucks. A gap of 6 hours in between so I rather go back home.

Here am I again to blog. Btw, I'm waiting for my food while blogging. Next, PICTURES from my phone !

Taken while in lecture class.

Mathematics I by Ms Sumathi :) Seriously there are a lot of indian teachers here and I love them ! Previously, I have only one indian teacher in my school who are Mr Dhana :)

This is, ummm. salad fish chop rice. The hardest fish that I ever eat. Something like chewing gum. wtf.

OMG! The drink that I love the most. SOYA BEAN !! The is the jumbo size soya bean; rm4.50 Good to drink after cycling for long minutes.

I remember this ! All are jumbos. We just came back from the bii concert and having our dinner at around 9 or 10 pm. Everobody is so thirsty and ordered jumbos drinks ! =)

Blurry photo. Actually I don't know who the heck he is but my housemate go so crazy about him so, I just give it a try and went for the concert. Surprisingly, the guy was really really handsome !! SO SO GOOD LOOKING !! of course I didnt go berserk when I saw his face on the stage. Someone beside me shout like a mad woman. wth? never see good looking guy meh ?

This is one of the songs that he sang in the concert. Bii is a mixed korean and chinese (according to my friend) and I think I prefer to hear him singing korean. Enjoy the music :D

Block D , where I spent most of my time here. PRACTICALS and LECTURES are conducted here.

Very surprisingly again, the labs are air conditioned and I feel so boring and sleepy all the time.

This is nice !! =D

The end . My food is here ! TATA !!

I have to revise my physics biology and chemistry this afternoon because I don't want to be a moron here. let the world knows I'm not. ordinary


Mia said…
What class are you taking your practicals in? Your lab and school looks really nice
Aiko chan said…
Erm, actually I'm having my foundation in science leading to biomedical science. I'm taking physics, biology and chemistry :D

Thanks for the compliment :)

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