Bon Odori in Penang

Hey people! I am back here. I am suppose to revise my biology because there will be a small test tomorrow. They say, university life is way better than high school life which make me doubt for the whole week. You have tutorials to do where you are able to download it from the school during friday, saturday or sunday. I can't download it during weekdays because everything was rushy. So, you have to finish your tutorials before you enter the tutorial class but I did not do that, I just enter the class with blank tutorials and that's it.

It's not that I do not want to do, I can't find the perfect time to do. You have reports every week. Three full report (Physics, Biology and Physical Chemistry) if you are lock in the bad charm. I don't know why there are so many experiments for every subject. I mean, it's normal for chemistry and physics to have hell lot of experiments but here, in biology , there are experiments too where my group always get super weird results and that make me really fuss about it. I feel like splitting on the foolscap paper. If you don't get the theoretical results, you have to explain why you don't get it in the disscussion part. wtf.

So much different than high school, I remember I only did few experiments for biology for two years :/ or is the education system in Malaysia got problem ?!?

Alright, now I still have three reports pending and ought to be handed in by this thursday and friday. Disscussion for physics, full report for chemistry and full report for biology. so SAD

Back to the title. Been running off the title so far ! :(

this is the most perfect and delicious out of all the delicacies I ate during bon odori. If I'm not mistaken, the fish is called unagi.

Two weeks ago, I went to Penang Bon Odori trip for two days one night. It was "pretty" fun journey where you sleep all the time in the bus where no one entertain us. It's so weird. To be true, I think the organising committee are such a failure. To tell the truth. I did not enjoy the trip because whenever I see the their faces, I feel like puking. I know I sounds so proud here but I don't care. Supposingly, during the time in the bus, there should be people taking, and bluffing around to make us laugh but there is no one.

And then, no one explain what Bon Odori is all about . WTF. Thank God I'm not in the club. I'm still blurr about what exactly bon odori is for. eating up people's money I guess.

I only enjoy the shopping part. Enjoy very very much !

Enjoy the photos even though it's only handful because I hate blogger uploader which takes quite some time to upload the photos.

Penang char kuey tiao

this yukata girl so cute !

frightening dolls.

more frightening dolls !!

I guess that's all ! I need to memorise all the biological facts before I go for my exam tomorrow ! Another tiring week !!

p/s: I look like an insane right in the last photo. I am the one that was doing the goldfish mouth *_*


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