i dislike

When someone mumbles " You are disgusting " with inappropriate reason or should I say it, nonsense reason.

What do you feel ?

Me, today. I feel angry when I found out what exactly he mumbled to me. I couldn't hear it clearly when he was mumbling using that mouth of him. But when I told my another friend, I found out and was pretty sure that what he was mumbling to me.

I can't forget the expression on his face and seriously I feel like slapping his face when I thought back.

Come on la, I was telling the truth and he, with the uncritical thinking, could just mumble " You are so disgusting." I know you have no other words to say but please be mature a bit la. Think before you say something because that might be the reasons why people are avoiding you. Think think and still think !

If one person is avoiding you, and leads to another person, and lead again to another person. Seriously think twice. What's the problem. think please.

Anyway, I have enough of it today. I don't feel like talking about him anymore. Please don't show me the bastard face anymore if not, I'm not going to treat you as a friend anymore. anymore.


p/s: the way I blog today seems not suiting my blog description. ahh , whatever.


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