when im bored of studying

Sitting in a room for whole day is really so boring than starring at blank wall. I did that during weekends when there are exams on the week after. If there are no exams, I will be like sitting at Mcdonald for the whole day with my friends, or even playing basketball. Haizz.l ifeissodullwiththepresenceofexams.

I feel so bored. I can't sleep. I can't go out. I can't eat. I can't bath. I can't do anythign other than studying and playing computer. Now I feel so guilty because I leave my notes there and not studying :(


I hope September comes faster and faster ! I can't wait , to be home. I miss the air cond in my room. Chatting with my friends in my OWN room. OMG. I should have treasured that before but things are weird. Even if you treasure it , you will still find that you didn't treasure it enough after some time. That's why human is greedy. very very greedy like me.

I want to eat my mum's chocolate cheesecake! Bored. Alright, back to revision :(


~mEm0RiEs~ said…
reading your post remind me of my college life... my sweet sweet memories.. even though the exam and assignment are so stressful, i still wish to go through it again.. studying with my friends are the precious moment that i wish to go back so much...

so, enjoy your studying life..

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