all these made my day

Yesterday was completely an awesome night for me ! Thanks to my friend's mum that could bring over my things from Miri. Really appreciate it very very much :)

I received presents from my friends and family !

Really touched by all these and my mum even baked me cake ! I was too happy to eat it though and it makes me remind of HOME again.

My mum made popias for me ! how caring she is ! I phoned over and asked why she bought so many rice porridge for me :S

She said slowly eat it la~

Calender ! Very Useful for a university student.

Guess this !

It's mirror. I don't know why my mum bought this for me. She said, she saw it then she buy lorh.

But then, I think she is asking me to take care of my face here :)) hehehe


Early presents from my friends ! Really appreciate it very much =)

I love everything !

Thanks for all the things , if you are reading =]

Love ya`
p/s: someone requested for pictures of me cooking using rice cooker. sorry, but maybe another time because I have presentation and exams ! Soon~~~~


Siew Tien Yeow said…
You never share with you my cake -.-

I cant believe that the small box can actually occupied so many things.

You should go and pick the box on your own.That will make you more meaningful!

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