if someone headaches

This afternoon, I went to the computer room at my school. I never go in there because I thought it is only for IT students but my friends told me that anyone can use it. So I went there and I brought my all my study stuff in.

I logged on to facebook and it was pretty stressing looking at the speed of internet connection. I hate low speed so I do my physics report.

Somehow, I felt my head dizzy. It was pretty T_T because I still have one practical to attend. So, I finished my practical and cycled home.

Once , I laid on my bed and had my pretty one hour sleep. It was simply refreshing when I woke up finding that my headache had gone off. Thank God, so right now, I am going to sleep !

p/s: finals are coming in three weeks time ! bless me God.


Miss J ♥ said…
cominica said…
get well soon dear! :)

i want to invite you, join my mini giveaway, hope you like it :)

Aiko chan said…
cominica: Thx! I will if I am able to cope with it :D

Ms J: thx ! :D

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