i'm still dreaming

wake up ! I have been dreaming all the way. WTf.

Sorry, just a stupid starting. I am going to sleep soon and wake up early in the morning and revise my chemistry again :SS

I need to get better marks for this test because all my classmates are superb pro, I shouldn't lose to them =X

My friend is having sweet time with her mum and brother ! I couldn't do anything but to feel jealous over it. Of course, I think twice. just to console myself blah!

I would not want my parents to come over because that will be a waste of time and money.

I think I am ready for the presentation this coming wednesday :)
My presentation topic is " Does Facebook benefits society ?"

Yes of course it does. because it benefits me a lot ! :P


cominica said…
good luck with your presentation! :D


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