mr teddy

I have a teddy. I love my teddy. He knows me well. He sleeps by my side every night. I love him. So do him. Okay, stop crapping.

Suddenly I have the urge to update my blog. I don't know why, but this happens to me very frequently and I am comfortable with it. Semester 1 is going to end soon, in two weeks time and there goes the awesomeness ! Holiday for a week !

Thanks to God, that I am able to study till here. I don't know whether I will go mad when I enter degree in one year time. I might.

Yesterday I had a gathering with my group 4 friends that I met. I like all of them because they are good and friendly. The most annoying thing is that, most of them are so SMART! I felt zzz. zzzz

Forgiving them for being so smart. hehe, life is beautiful and we need smarties around. So, I had fun during the gathering :D

Just now I had conversation with my mum. The most happening thing in my life ever since I came here. I told her about culture shock that I encountered yesterday. It was my friends who ate together at one table. I do eat like that back in Miri.

The story was like this, the dishes are all on the table and when we wanted to start our feast , I saw something really really unique and new to me. Everybody was holding chopsticks and bowls up on the air. I don't know how to describe it here though. You know, chinese or cantonese people or whatever people, they will use the bowl to eat the rice. They will take the bowl and push the rice using their chopsticks into their mouths.

I didn't eat like that because I find it difficult. I was speechless when I saw everyone doing that. Pretty interesting though. My parents didn't eat like that though. They put the bowl down at the table and eat like usual.

Haha, maybe people thinks I'm weird. Well, I don't mind :D

I feel like eating something. Zzz. bye ! back to revision ! :)


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