Nuffnang Celebrates Blog Day 2011

I received an email from Nuffnang and when I was about to read it carefully, I found that I only have like 2 hours to go because I was revising my biology due to the finals in five more days. I think I can catch up because occasionally I bookmark some blogs that catch my eyes, so now I am going to introduce to you guys ! :D

First blog :

Why ? The other day I just randomly clicked on some blogs links and I found her. Remarkably, the reason I bookmark is because of her extra large photo of herself ! Okay, actually it was because she blogs in english and her english is madly pro and I only know how to read in english even though I am a chinese. Besides, her blog's photos are just too awesome and "drooling" because of the food photos she took ! and she put it in big size. and seriously, I get hungry just looking at the photos.

Second blog:

Why? The first thing you would think about this blog is , surely is fashion. I love to watch those pretty clothings hanging on their bodies because I don't have the body + clothes. That's why I choose to read a fashion blog and it gives satisfaction for one who can't afford and not willing to spend much on food. Zzz. I must make more money to buy more clothes. I don't feel like spending my parents hard earn money.

Third blog:

Why? nothing much in this blog because it is a personal blog. I always fond in reading personal blogs that really UPDATE their blogs. I don't like those blogs with spider webs crawling at the corner. So, basically, the photos and contents in the blog are quite interesting after all :D

Forth blog:

Why? Another personal blog again. Photos, stories are the main reason after all. People like me easily attracted by photos and cute things. So, that's why I choose her to be one of the six blogs to be shown here ! =)

Fifth blog:

Why? because it's a food blog and I always love food blog. That is the strongest reason that I can think right now. I love food except milk.

Sixth blog:

Why? I randomly clicked through the nuffnang exchange thingy at the right side of my blog. Truely , it does catch my eyes. She actually climbed Mount Kinabalu ! My dad did before, and I was once at the down part of the Kinabalu, not able to climb up because I was a moron. It was really awesome if I could climb and reach the highest peak there.

I guess that's the end for my post today ! :D Back to revision, wish me luck in finals !!!!!!


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