public holiday

Today is a public holiday so , I need not to go to school because replacement classes have been made. I love it !

Later I am going to pay a trip off to old town to buy some biscuits for my family in Miri because my mum said that it is nice and my little cousin loves it ! OMG, I can't wait to see her little face

By the way, today I am going to Wilber Pan concert ! It will be amazing amazing and amazing ! Thanks to my senior, I am able to get an album and a ticket !

I never had this experience before because I don't have -.-

Ever since I came here, there are so many things that I did for the first time.

First time I went to concert
First time I cycled to school
First time I felt so homesick till I want to cry
First time I failed my Physics but later on, I still passed.
First time I have to wake up with my alarm clock
First time I had trouble and no one is there to help me. I was stranded on the way to school because my bike was such a shit.
First time I joined a cake design competition.
First time I took taxi with my friends to buy basic nessacities.
First time I cooked in my room.
First time I bought a broadband. idk why I buy it ! But it's useful!
First time I eat things I don't actually eat back in my hometown.
First time I starved for whole day because I was lazy to find or make any food.
First time I was late for school and the teacher did not question me.
First time I eat heavy food in the morning for breakfast.
First time I have so many friends from different states.
First time someone said "You are disgusting" to me and I cut off the friendship line between me and him.
First time I joined tae kwon doo group and I was really really glad that I am in the club.
and more and more . . .

Actually all these are life challenges. Gradually, I think I am growing up ! ( wtf, I am growing up everyday ! =.=) I guess that is all about. I am going to take my warm bath and head off to my journey ! :D


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