running in the rain

I woke up as early as 5.45 am. It was cold because yesterday night was raining. I felt the morning breeze. It felt extra fresh. I love it as I love my family. I took my warm bath for the morning. It was awesome. I felt that I was completely awake. So, I packed my bag and went off to school. Cycling. I smelt something super smelly on my way to school. Urgh ! air pollution. I parked my bike and went off to lectures. So, evening falls. I were completely frozen in the lecture hall. I forget to bring my jacket. People say I always smile, laugh. I was wondering, is there anything wrong with it ? well, that's me. Zzz it rained ! Pretty" heavy rain. I was thinking of how to go back because I cycled. I definitely do not want to cycle home under that heavy rain+ thunders + storms. I would be dead if I did that. So, I took the bus. It was so lucky that my housemate and I were able to sit peacefully in the bus. We were lucky to have seats rather than standing. So, we were thinking of how to go home because we still have to walk a distance to reach home. We did not bring any caps, any umbrella thinking that Kampar is famous of HOT CITY. Unfortunately it did not, for today. We ran home and pretty much wet but not until the extend of being wet like a soaked tissue paper. Had my warm bath again and I am going to sleep now ! Zzzzz. Sorry for dumping everything in one big paragraph because my eyes keep closing now ! Good night ! Have a nice day, I hope it don't rain anymore ! Thank God, for letting me feel what it is like for being ...... ~ :P


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