when the time stops

All exams are done. Now, it's time to prepare for finals ! I know it will be super tiring and boring keep facing books all the way until you die but, lifelong learning, isn't it ? I guess learning is good then. Drop the shits out.

So, this week prefectly, for four days, I spent only RM25 . It's a miracle because usually I spent around RM 50 per week on food and beverages. I hope I can save as much as I can ^^

* * *

I just want to tell everyone around the world, it is not the end of the world when you can't do well in your exam. Please don't grief over the pass because the pass shall never be back to you to mend it, you just have to go on and do your best another time.

I say that to myself everytime. Life is like a wheel, you can't be on top all the time and that is why there are so many scenes in your life.

So, be cheerful ! :D

This coming wednesday, I'm going to attend Wilbur Pan's mini concert held in my school ! I am so going to be over excited about it !!!! I can't believe I am seeing a guy who acted in my favourite dramas !! This is going to be so so crazyz.

Sorry to say that I only love one of his songs. named, wo men dou pa tong. very very perfectly sang by him.

Just enjoy the videos and hooray for me !


LemonberryLulu said…
I love wo men dou pa tong xD I always tell myself I could've done better after exams but this year I did decent!

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