bbq with friends

Before I move on, this post is going to be words after all. I forget to take photos because I was busy enjoying my fun time :D

Today, I had a BBQ with my friends; my former classmates when I was in form 5. After few months of not seeing them, I feel sudden weird feeling when I first saw them ! It was as if I have been left out for so long enough that I am not able to catch up. I had fun though.

Some grow thinner, some hair grow longer than I can imagine, and some back to black hair. LOL

We chatted with each other about our schools and stuff. I feel like regretting not going to form 6 because I felt the joyfulness of being a secondary school student.

Well, time is passing now and I guess I just have to go on and move into another new world though.

hahak! I have to check student portal tomorrow to check my results ! I hope I don't "phail" zzz.


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