Heya, I looked at my camera and found so many photos of food inside. I find too many stuff accumulate and I don't know how to blog. So, I just uploaded photos of food !

Food is always the main thing that make people happy. Seriously after I have been living by myself for three months, I can feel that whenever I see food, I feel the joyfulness within my stomach! LOL

So, enjoy the photos ! I only like to put out those close up photos because it looks like I have a dslr or what but I'm not.

sorry , blurry. Actually this food taste sucks. Eventually the photo looks suck as well. 

 erm, one of my lunches. 

Three photos below are taken on Sunday where my mum cooked ! I miss her cookings very very much. Ohh ya, I drank chicken soup too !!! 
Madly in love.

fried mushroom ,  add some mayo sauce and it tastes better !

This chicken. omg, make me so hungry ! It's boneless because my mum get the bone out so we don't have to trouble ourselves eating with the bone. With mayo, it taste exactly like you are in heaven !
By the way, it's fattening too !

kangkung. All time favourite ! :D 

I'm sure everyone likes it except my cousins who don't eat vegetables. LOL

I guess that mark the end for my post ! I don't know what to blog anymore but I so sad taht I'm going back to studying life in four days ! T_T

I hate goodbye.


saltvinegar said…
Snowflake! Yummss!

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