I have a thought in my mind

credits to littlemisspaintbrush

So I have this thought in my mind just a few minutes ago. How fast I am to be here :D So I was reading my lecture notes on critical thinking and suddenly this came into my mind. Haha, so this thought, I am going to blog about it right after my exam. It is, " 6 reasons why I don't have a boyfriend " 

Wondering why ? Because friends around me are getting boyfriends day after day. Each of them, slowly one BY one is going to have a MAN beside them. LOL

I know one day, I'll be alone in the room without friends asking me to go out because they are going out with their so called BOYFRIENDS ! 

I sound so mad but I'm not. I sound so desperate for a boyfriend but I'm not. I'm just curious about myself and want to think critically what's wrong with me. EPIC.

Bye ! Going back to super dumb "sien" revision. I hope I don't get insomnia again tonight. I have been rolling on the bed from 11.30pm until 2.00am yesterday. This is freaking shit. baibai.

Blogger is getting awesome because of the function that I just discovered. "Check Spelling". Meaning that I can blog without opening my eyes next time and I get yellow highlighted for the whole page ! HAHA.


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